Starting Your Green Garden

As we the world begins to return to normalcy post the coronavirus pandemic. One way you can enjoy the outdoors while expanding your sustainable lifestyle boundaries can be by starting your own green garden. Read more

Waste Segregation and is it important?

If you have just shifted to an eco-friendly lifestyle, CONGRATULATIONS on making the right decision.  One way to help you manage a winning streak towards your eco-friendly journey, you must learn how to sort your waste properly.  Why you might ask.  Simple. For us to understand our waste problem, we must first analyze it. Read more

Ditching Plastic In The Kitchen? Here Are Some Options

Committing to reducing your use of plastic in the kitchen means saying goodbye to plastic wrap and plastic containers and hello to new ways to store leftovers, prepped ingredients, and bulk pantry items. Go ahead and use the glass jars and bowls you already have, and add some of these picks for plastic-free ways to store food to help you cut plastics from your kitchen. Read more

Is going green expensive?

One of major perceptions about going green is that you need to be relatively well-off to go green. This misconception could be one of the major impediments for the change towards a greener society. While this is not entirely unfounded - some eco-friendly products are indeed a bit pricey compared to regular ones - ultimately the long term benefits often outweigh the costs. Read more

Animals at risk due to global climate change

As our planet’s climate changings - both naturally and due to human exploitation - there is already undeniable evidence that there is widespread and consequential harm to animals and plants. They are struggling to adapt to new conditions, being forced to the brink of extinction. Read more

GreenBoss your community

For sure you and your family have made a conscious effort in reducing your carbon footprint. Wouldn’t it be better to wake up every day knowing that lots of people are smiling too because you chose to impart something to them to make their lives better and in turn making this world a better place to live in? Read more

Teach kids how to go green

Although helping the planet can feel overwhelming for small shoulders, encourage young children to take one step at a time when going green. There are small things they can do that really make a big difference. Fortunately, children are often eager and enthusiastic to lend a helping hand. Read more

Why we should think before we throw

You have just got home with your groceries and are done putting everything in its place. All that is left is that plastic bag. As usual, it ends up in your trash can and that is that. This is just one example of things we get rid of and never worry about the consequences. To add a few more, there is the plastic water bottles, food packaging, leftovers etc. The list is endless. All is well with the world and life goes on, right? Read more

Top 20 Environmental Influencers 2020

For far too long we have taken more than we need from our home Earth. Our excessive consumerism mentality is not sustainable for us or the planet. And we are already beginning to feel the effects of our lifestyles. Summers are getting hotter and winters colder with each passing, just to list a few examples. Read more

The Importance Of Trees

Trees beautify the landscape they are in but more importantly serve an essential role in environmental sustainability. They do this in more ways than you probably are familiar with. We will go ahead and explore them. Read more

The meaning of going green

Going green involves so much more than just recycling. Basically, going green means to live life, as an individual as well as a community, in a way that is sustainable for the earth. It means contributing towards maintaining the natural ecological balance in the environment, and preserving the planet and its natural systems and resources. Read more

Is bamboo the solution?

The average tree grows and reaches its full size in at least 20 to 30 years. In comparison, each day, there are about 2.5 million trees being cut and at least 35% of the total trees cut worldwide are used in paper industries. Read more

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts

As we celebrate our Christmas, let us do so in ways that are sustainable to our environment. One way to do so is to share eco-friendly gifts with our loved ones. There is a large variety of eco cool gifts out there that will meet the needs for all loved ones. Read more
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