GreenBoss Bamboo Toothbrush
(For Kids)

Three reasons to smile bigger and brighter with our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush:

  • You are protecting our planet

  • You are safeguarding your and your family’s oral hygiene

  • You are planting a tree with every bamboo toothbrush purchased

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Let's build an entire forest together

Our bamboo toothbrush replaces the environmentally damaging plastic toothbrush that we have all got so accustomed to. A plastic toothbrush takes about 400 years to decompose, whilst bamboo is a product from nature. It will only take around 4-6 months if you are using a home composter and about 3 years if you will put it back to the soil to decompose on its own. You can imagine the difference, right?
Bamboo is a renewable resource and one of nature’s most important substitutes for the endangered rainforest hardwoods. It is a quick-growing, versatile, non-timber forest product whose rate of biomass generation is unsurpassed by any other plants. It is also the fastest growing plant on earth and can be harvested in a span of about 5 years. This means that we do not have to worry about exhausting this resource unlike other plants that takes more than a decade to mature before they can be harvested. To top it all off, bamboo is 100% biodegradable and guaranteed safe for our environment. Once you have used the bamboo toothbrush and are ready to discard it, all you have to do is add it to your home composter. It should only take around 4-6 months to decompose.
Absolutely! Not only are bamboo toothbrushes at the same price of plastic toothbrushes, they also play a huge role in environmental protection. If you consider that over 3.5 billion toothbrushes are thrown into landfills every year, of which a big part ends up in the oceans, you can imagine the devastating effect on our environment. Saying yes to the bamboo toothbrush is saying yes to the planet. Our environment, home and future generations stand to greatly benefit if your are conscious about this one buying decision.
  • Dentists recommend to renew your toothbrush every three months. When you are done with the old one, just break off the bristle head or remove the bristles with pliers and throw the handle in the compost bin. Ask your local recycling facility about the best way to recycle the bristles.
  • We love it when you get creative and find ways to reuse the toothbrush. Just don’t forget to share with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages @greenbosslife.
  • Please note that it is important to let the toothbrush dry after use to maximise the life span and guarantee premium quality.
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